General Skilled Migration in Australia
22 Feb

General Skilled Migration in Australia

Migration has always made substantial contributions to Australia’s labor, economy and trade, so 2020 travel restrictions and the delayed release of Skilled Migration quotas have hit the entire country’s economy hard. These all contributed to Australia’s worst economic shock in nearly a century and its first negative net overseas migration since the Second World War.

In the year 2020/21, the cap for the migration program remained at 160,000 places which, like always, was differentiated into streams, giving each stream a certain quota. This migration program was created with the goal of attracting the best and brightest migrants from around the world.

The General Skilled Migration program is for skilled individuals or families looking to permanently migrate to Australia, to fill Australia's labor needs. Visas within the General Skilled Migration program are points tested and are either independent, state sponsored or family-sponsored permanent visas.

The skilled stream has undergone the most changes, with the Employer Sponsored (sub classes 482 and 186) and Provisional Business Innovation and Investment (subclass 188) visas getting priority treatment.Most importantly, however, the General Skilled Migration ceiling has decreased by about 30,000 spots, with the ever-popular Skilled Independent (subclass 189) visa receiving a reduction from 16,652 to 6,500 places. This provides a stark evidence that the travel restrictions from the pandemic has had adverse effects in the balance of Australian economy.

Furthermore, 2021 planning levels have reduced the State Nominated Skilled visa (subclass 190) to 11,200, down from 24,968 and the Skilled Work Regional visa (subclass 491) down to 11,200 from 23,372 last year. The inference from this is that these skilled visas will be directed towards filling the 17 priority occupations, 11 of which are in the healthcare sector. Priority occupations are jobs that the Australian Department of Home affairs has assigned as critical in order for the country to recover from the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.  This assignment focuses on the healthcare sector a lot since a lot of healthcare workers are necessary right now to deal with the pandemic.

The Family stream’s allocated places also increased by a tremendous 61.75% (from 47,732 to 77,300), the vast majority of which (72,300) are partner visas (sub classes 820 and 801). As such, of all the new permanent residents that will be given entry into the country, approximately one half will be from the Skilled stream and the other half from the Family stream.

If you plan on applying for the general migration program , you can apply it through SkillSelect, an online portal which lets you apply to make an EOI(Expression of Interest) . This is then reviewed and if you fit the skill needed for Australia , you can apply for PR through the migration program.

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